Date : Monday, December 28, 2009

after much thought, i have decided

im moving to tumblr
(click on it, bitches)

or, well if you dont understand simple language, its


xoxo. || 11:19 PM

Date : Thursday, December 24, 2009

today was fun :)

i wanna go to penang :( mommy wont let me go, grrrrrrr, boooooo.!

xoxo. || 10:15 PM

Date : Tuesday, December 22, 2009

watching wrong turn 3 now.
its gory eew eew eew.

lazy tuesday, im bored as.

xoxo. || 3:55 PM

Date : Sunday, December 20, 2009

wednesday was fun. went to school early in the morning with Wira to pick up the booklist.
then went back home.
made records to beat. 7 and 8, anyone? ;)
was a full, fun day.

thursday stayed home, meh.
then in the evening watched Santau with mum.
it was scaryy :O

friday went out in the morning.
again, i had to go early, as otherwise, i wouldnt have transport.
waited for Wira at KLCC, we were going to watch Avatar.
movie was at 2, it was fun. loooong, but good. graphics were awesome.
then we took the LRT to Janise's house for her gathering.
it was fun, i had millions of grapes lol.
we played hide and seek on the 21st floor.
i hid in the slide, oh dear that hurt my neck.
then i hid with Wira in one of the closet thingies. they couldnt find us. haha.
we left for dinner at around 8.30pm. went to klcc and had a perfect dinner :)
(thank you)
then went back home at around 10.45. i got home at 11.15.
i saw mum looking out the window with her arms crossed. that was freaky.
got into a little teeny bit of trouble, but meh, it was soo worth it.


xoxo. || 11:46 AM

Date : Monday, December 14, 2009

so i got in a fight with mummy dearest -___-' its annoying.
all she threatens me with is my laptop, and that little bit of freedom i have left.
i was acting normal and she took it as 'kurang ajar' okay well im sorry if she's just too sensitive to interpret me acting normas as kurang ajar. says im moody, im not the one slamming pots and pans in the kitchen. sheesh

xoxo. || 8:46 PM

Date :

something doesnt feel right.
i have a headache.

xoxo. || 12:33 PM

Date : Saturday, December 12, 2009
oh gee, i am bored.
got discs 5-7 of Grey's Anatomy :)

i shall watch it.. now :)

xoxo. || 7:07 PM


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